Leading the way with design and technology

We couldn’t find banks to meet our standards, so we designed one!

Our unique banks feature our patented, anti-theft, no-key locking mechanism and are manufactured from reinforced steel at our in-house fabrication unit.

Using meticulous technical drawings, our workshop team is constantly seeking improvements to the design, quality and security of each component.

With different sized banks and paint finishes available, a design to maximise and protect textile deposits and superior grade vinyls applied to display mutual branding and key information, a BIU bank looks and functions great at any recycling site, out-performing the industry standard.

With a fill-bank monitoring system, our real-time dynamic planning procedures are proven to vastly reduce overflows and increase tonnage yields, whilst our trackers confirm the location of every bank, whether they are out on site, or on the road back to us for refurbishment.

Our rolling refurbishment programme ensures our banks are regularly repaired, restored and made to look brand new again. We provide on-site repairs, maintenance and graffiti removal, and a speedy turn-around service if a replacement bank is needed. We aim to ensure a clean, attractive and fully functional bank is on site at all times.

We also offer a legal and regulated removal service for any ‘rogue banks’ found to be on sites without permission.

Single Chute Bank

Single Front Chute
No Key Locking
Reinforced Steel
Green Bank Yellow Bank red Bank

Multi Chute Bank

Three Front Chutes
No Key Locking
Reinforced Steel
Multi Green Bank Multi Yellow Bank Multi Red Bank