The Multiple System Atrophy Trust is the UK’s only charity supporting people affected by multiple system atrophy (MSA) – a rare neurological disease with no known cause or cure.

The Multiple System Atrophy Trust, Registered Charity Number 1137652 is the only charity in the UK dedicated to providing support and information to anyone affected by a rare progressive neurodegenerative disease called multiple system atrophy (MSA). MSA is a rare progressive neurological disease that currently has no cure. A person with MSA experiences swift and progressive disability resulting in a reduced quality of life. They will have an inability to swallow solids; falls resulting in broken bones and hospitalisation; vocal chord paralysis and total incontinence. Pain is a significant symptom and adds greatly to emotional suffering and disability. Intellect is not affected, effectively trapping the person in a body which in all other ways is slowly shutting down. The MSA Trust is the UK and Eire’s only charity supporting people with MSA. We provide information and resources for people living with MSA through our Factsheets, magazine, website and a supportive online forum. Our services include MSA nurse support, providing extensive specialist advice to people with MSA and their families in addition to funding research into the cause and ultimately a cure. We also train healthcare professionals so that they are able to correctly diagnose the symptoms of MSA.

We do not receive any government funding and rely entirely on voluntary donations. Without your support we cannot carry out this important work for people with MSA. Thank you in advance for your support. Website – Telephone – 0333 323 4591 Email –

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