A Massive Thank you

We partner with local, regional charities across the UK, including air ambulances, cancer treatment centres, children’s hospices and youth sporting associations. All of our charity partners provide their life-saving or life-enhancing services to those in need within their demographic areas, regardless of ethnicity, beliefs or religion.

Thanks to the huge support from the public and organisations involved, our recycling schemes continue to raise £millions for our charity partners.

Our charity recycling banks can be found at accessible locations including supermarkets and convenience stores, car parks, retail parks, leisure centres and public houses.

How We Raise Funds


There are no costs to our charity partners, we provide all the equipment and services needed to operate our recycling schemes.

Our partnerships are governed by our highly-regarded Commercial Participation Agreement (CPA) to achieve mutual goals, and an agreed rate from the sale of every kilo provides vital life-changing and life-saving funds. The charity you choose to support will receive the proceeds from reselling your donation.

Learn more about What Happens To Your Clothing

Each of our charity partners are registered charities, following best practice in accordance with UK guidelines and regulations.

Charities we work with

Location, Location Donation

Our clothing banks are conveniently situated at easily-accessible locations making it easy for anyone to donate their unwanted garments to their favourite charity.

Our banks have a footprint measurement of 5ft x 5ft, and are 6ft high.

Do you have a suitable space at your business premises? Are you a car park manager, store manager or a facilities management company?

If you would like to host a clothing bank and become one of our charity supporters, please contact us and a member of our charity team will get back to you.

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Don't just take our word for it

The partnership between BIU Group and Ark Cancer Centre Charity is one that is really making a difference.

So far, nearly £40,000 has been raised for Ark as a result of the recycling of items in our branded banks in and around the Basingstoke area – an outstanding result. Thank you to everyone who has helped Ark by recycling clothing, and thank you to all the recycling bank host organisations.

The recycling partnership has been a massive boost to the ongoing campaign to raise awareness of the charity and cancer treatment centre project, and it has resulted in a welcome and regular income stream which will contribute towards the creation of the much-needed unique local cancer centre.

We look forward to the ongoing success of the recycling partnership and campaign, and thank you to everyone who has made a difference by supporting, and getting involved in, it.

Merv Rees, Trustee, Ark Cancer Centre Charity

Hampshire Search and Rescue were recently asked if we could help with emergency 4x4 cover in North Wiltshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and part of Berkshire where heavy snow falls were expected. Based in Swindon along with several other LR team Land Rovers they would be required to collect, deliver and assist in getting emergency medical staff to their places of work or anywhere else they were needed.

Our newly acquired (with great help from BIU) Land Rover fitted the bill perfectly. Most 4x4s are good but nothing beats a Land Rover Defender when the going is really tough

Tony Privet, Chairman, Hampshire Search and Rescue

We were looking for additional ways to raise funds, and when we were introduced to Bag It Up three years ago, it was a no brainer. The team are knowledgeable and professional, and through textile recycling, we have been able to raise some much needed funds. Also, with Bag It Up’s smart and secure banks, which are well maintained, we have been able to increase awareness of Francis House across the Greater Manchester region.

Peter Forster, Fundraising Manager, Francis House