Step 1

You deposit your unwanted, good quality clothing, paired shoes and textiles into a BIU clothing bank.

Step 2

Our drivers collect the clothing, load their vehicles and return to their depots. Hundreds of tonnes are collected every day!

Step 3

Our warehouse teams repackage the garments into large bales, and load these onto a trailer or shipping containers.

Step 4

Shipments are delivered to our global customer base where demand for high quality British fashion is high.

Step 5

The bales are unloaded at factories where experienced sorters segregate items into over 150 different grades, according to garment type and quality.

Step 6

Each reusable garment is resold at shops and markets across the UK, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Far East who are all working towards a zero-waste policy.

Excellence Always

Sales proceeds from charitable donations raise life-saving or life-changing funds, whilst our waste management solutions provide funding for public services.

Whilst there will always be garments with no end-use, by manufacturing this waste into dust or pellets, a combustible source of fuel can be produced in addition to alternative packaging or insulation products, meaning minimal textile waste goes to landfill.

All our own packaging products are recycled or reused where possible.

75% is made up of reusable garments and textiles.

24% is damaged or unusable items which are recycled into industrial wipers, mattress fillings, insulation and new fibres.

1% is waste.