We are BIU Group

One of the UK’s leading textile recyclers and recycling bank manufacturers delivering complete recycling solutions, from the provision of the patented banks, to the collection and warehousing of stock, right through to the resale of used clothing, shoes and household textiles.

Excellence Always

It’s not just a strapline, it’s a driving force that binds and motivates the entire team. From driver to director, each team member seeks to make a positive difference. Together, we achieve the very best.

  • Proven history with years of experience
  • Unique anti-theft textile banks manufactured in-house
  • Commitment to partnerships
  • Professional, ethical and efficient

Leading the way with design and technology

We couldn’t find banks to meet our standards, so we designed one!

Our unique banks feature our patented, anti-theft, no-key locking mechanism and are manufactured from reinforced steel at our in-house fabrication unit.

Using meticulous technical drawings, our workshop team is constantly seeking improvements to the design, quality and security of each component.

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Recycling Banks

Charity Partnerships